1. Very useful vid when I find a peeler in my house I should throw it immediately throw it on the floor

    By the I am not telling u my real name

    P.S. I know I have a boys name in the comments but I am a girl

  2. Only the 1st and 3rd one seems usefull, i mean boiling 1.5l of water took arround 3 to 4 min, bacis hack would be put your kettle on, go pee, and they water is ready. For the apple just eat the skin is one of the most nutritionous part, give a good wash and it's ready. For the eggs look more like a app to check who is using egg when you are not home than when to use it,

  3. the kettle is completley pointless because while your pitting water into the kettle why dont u turn it on then and the egg thing is ridiculous and pointless


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