1. Aiden thank you so much for sharing what GOD has graced you with. Can you talk about family limited partnerships please? Or if you already have let me know. Thanks in advance.

  2. You are too damn attractive with your sense of humor, the way you speak, and your enthusiasm about what you do! I might just have to fly out to Denver and take you on a date, or 3. Lol

  3. Aiden Kramer I absolutely appreciate you. I've learned so much watching your videos and I am very grateful. You will be one of the main reasons why I will succeed In my business endeavors. Knowledge takes away some of the fear and anxiety that comes with being a Entrepreneur and your videos have been the solution for my lack of knowledge in Business Law. Thank You.

  4. Question… Lets say I have an LLC that owns my home. I have medical bills that have gone to collection. I live in Utah. The collection agency finds me eventually and are granted a judgment and ultimately try placing a lien on the property. Is this possible for them to do if I am the owner/member of the LLC that owns the property? Any other thoughts or concerns regarding LLC home ownership and members/owners of the LLC incurring debt that goes unpaid or goes to hardcore debt collectors?

  5. I live in NJ and want to put a rental property I own outright in a LLC. in the state of NV. If I have to evict a tenant, do I have to go through NV courts or can I go through NJ courts being the property is doing business in NJ?

    Thank you

  6. when i hear about people winning the lottery, specifically in california and other states that require names/faces to be public, i wonder how do they stay anonymous, and does having a LLC work for this particular reason?

  7. Hello. I was just looking at the video and I was wondering. If you have an investor whom has 30 investment properties, and they have started his/her own LLC. Would it not be best to make the company (LLC) a trustee in a  revocable "land trust" with the owner being the grantor and one of the beneficiaries as well.  Meaning no properties will be owned by your LLC, but everything comes to and through your LLC.   A "land trust" keeps the owners name as a beneficiary private,  correct?  So the person(s) can not sue the owner directly, or have I been misinformed?  The deed should read as owner " land trust 1" for example (IF the sellers agree to sell to a land trust), and the "land trust" now is the grantor or trustor, which gives the LLC. the fiduciary employment  to handle the "investment operations" only (ie. hiring a property manager, subcontractors, maintenance workers, etc.). No real decision making.   But the beneficiaries will be your name, your kids, your souse,  or whomever.  So in reality you own 30 properties, the LLC does not own the properties, but as the trustee, the LLC would be sued, because the owner name is private in a trust, unless they have committed a criminal negligence or act, if I'm correct.  Please  if you could help with this question it would clear up a lot. Thank You.

  8. what if you own 30 properties? wouldn't it be a better practice to have, as a part of your lease agreement, to require your tenants to have renters insurance and a clause stating that you or the LLC will not be held responsible for any personal injury to them or any of their guests? 30 LLCs could become expensive and a lot to keep up with

  9. Aiden,

    This just came to mind. How do taxes work with investment properties under a LLC? I've heard of the 1040 Flow through tax benefit but I'm unsure of how it works.

    1. For investment properties you can get tax deductions for depreciation and improvements. Can you give those benefits to the member/owner of the LLC and not the LLC itself?

    2. Can you get deductions for business related purposes? As in travel, education and office space? 

    I'm sure others have the same or similar questions so it'll be great if you could make a video on this. Thank you!

  10. Hi Aiden! Question: Will creating an LLC with a single owner/member to purchase a investment property under this LLC, will protect this investment property from lenders of a previous foreclosure my spouse had? My name was not on the mortgage documents. In other words, I would like to create this LLC to purchase an investment property to protect this property from previous lenders that are taking action for my spouse assets… Is this possible? Will my investment property purchase under my single LLC company be protected? Please advice. Thank you!


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