1. Thanks Stefan for sharing the valuable information, and an other important thing before creating an online business in a certain area, is to have passion in this area, and get result and value to yourself first in your life, before sharing it.

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  3. Building authority and an audience is important. Online you have to give people your resume in a different form and show them your potential. You are still interviewing for a position (in front of them.) I think the funnel is key off of other platforms and onto email! Thanks for all the great advice!

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  5. Still have some issues about from alibaba to amazon. Cant find how much, really, cost shipping. Lets say, i buy 500 item with 1 $ for piece, its something light, about 250 kg. Now, anybody, how much will cost me, with shipping, taxes and all costs? So, product with 1 dollar his start value to ready for sell, that is what i need to know.

    Hope somebody have answer for me.

  6. I have been working on/developing an idea to make an online business. Unfortunately I found AT LEAST one guy who does more or less exactly the same. So now I'm considering to letting my idea fall, because what that guy does is already at a very high level and offering the same service I would do….so the question is – does it make sense at all to start that idea now? or can this other guy even be used as push for my own idea???

  7. I want to start business online as well after watching you and your fiance video but I don't know how if there is a way you can walk me through as am also in the category of your mum not having any skills or much computer background

  8. I am starting my own business in the beauty industry like soaps and creams,how and what information should I use to give them to create a market for actually selling stuff?


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