1. What an amazing story. I don't know who could ever put 7 little lives in a bag and throw them out to die like that. You have an amazing organization. Thank you for helping those puppies, and others like them get a chance at life.

  2. This hurts my heart seeing animals treated that way,abandoned left to die, its bullshit. Such innocent helpless creatures? It seriously makes me cry so hard to think or see that. I hope whoever did that to those puppies gets buried alive. I don't care if that is cruel, those were NEWBORN PUPPIES LEFT TO DIE

  3. People are so horrible. If your dog has puppies and you can't take care of them, give them to a shelter or at least keep them until they are old enough to be away from their mother and then give them away….if you give them to a shelter, sure they won't get as much attention but they will still get food and water and I'm sure the puppies would like it more than be starving, cold, and wet while being stuck in long tangled grass

  4. how could somebody do that?!! If you can't keep them, then at least take them to a shelter where they can be cared for…. I hate people who abandon helpless animals. It's so wrong!


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