1. Do you think that eating this is healthy or should I eat that? I'm hoping that this won't give me heart burn, but when I eat that I get 24 hr blotting and gas 😂

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  8. hi Matt. I came to check you out from Chris Jones channel. great clear video. good variety food haul.

    Talapia fish they say isn't a good fish its a bottom feeder. I don't eat it any more. but hey people still eat it. and I still eat shrimp crabs and scallops which are bottom feeders too I think lol

    do you have a video how you make your Tuna meal?

  9. Mat please do this vidio over again with your shirt off ok. the other videos you did with your shirt off and I gave you an A rating but this one no good. Someone giving a physical fitness food demonstration is a turn off. I would like for rent do this vidio with your shirt off ok plese.

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